self-guided car-trips: take the Cariboo-county map and make some great tours:

tour 1  Freedom Highway famous Hill
tour 2  Fraser River landscapes
tour 3  Gold Rush Trail
tour 4  Cariboo Waggon Road
tour 5  Inter Lakes tour

Donít forget the backcountry, take the Forest road map and go west:
Tatla Lake, Chilko Lake, Tsíyl-os Park and Tatlayoko Lake. (and more...)
...or go northeast: Bowron Lakes, Blackwater Dean River, historic Barkerville and Cottonwood House.
...or go east: Wells Gray Park.

We can make pack lunches for you to take on your car-daytrips.


Fish clean water for wild trout once here and you may even forget you came for incredible fishing!


Hunters come to the Chilcotin for many decades in the season.


Possible throughout the area with one very special one: Mackenzie Grease Trail - fly-in and hike-out.


Guide-outfitters offer trip packages that provide what some say the ultimate outdoor experience.
Southern Chilcotin Mountains, Coast and Cariboo Mountains, Chilcotin grasslands and Fraser Canyon are all destinations for unforgettable trips.


The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast is a place for birds !
Favourite watching sites include Alkali Lake, Chilanko Marsh, Cariboo and Horsefly rivers and Scout Island at Williams Lake.


Endless trips on gravel roads, trails and mountain backroads. (donít forget to take a detailed map)


The Cilko, Chilcotin and Fraser rivers range from smooth flatwater to wild whitewater and the scenery is magnificent: hoodoos and desert-like landscapes. Rafting is exhilarating, rousing, plain good wet fun !

Canoeing and kayaking

People from all over the world visit Bowron Lakes Park to canoe its chain of eleven lakes; the best time for the trip is June to October. For shorter experiences canoe (or kayak) Moose Valley, Nazko Park, Quesnel and Horsefly lakes and the Blackwater River and of course ....... near our Chilcotin Lodge there are several beautiful lakes, where you can also get into your boat.

Winter sports.

Skiing: miles and miles of cross-country trails run throughout the region. At 108 Mile Ranch and 100 Mile House hundreds of kms of groomed trails attract many skiers.

Wells-Barkerville hosts many ski-trails, some running through Barkerville, a classic postcard winter-setting;

Popular Bull Mountain, north of Williams Lake has some night-lit sections.

Down-hillers have three ski areas in the neighborhood: Troll, east  of Quesnel, Mt. Timothy, east of Lac la Hache and 108 Mile House. Ski-touring is popular in the Cariboo Mountains.


Many believe this is the real reason snow falls !!!  The Likely area, Wells-Barkerville, Anahim Lake and the southern Chilcotin Mountains all have exciting challenges.


For deep powder two areas are especially noteworthy: The southern Chilcotin Mountains near Tyaughton Lake, and  the Coast Mountains near Tatla Lake; both have helicopter companies, that can take you to another thrilling experience.

Spectacular scenery

The Chilcotin stretches from the Fraser River to the Coast Mountains divide. Itís a land of dramatic landscapes and rivers, fantastic rock formations, hundreds of lakes.......a land where vast ice fields and alpine meadows contrast the valleys and grasslands   -   welcome to the Chilcotin !!!!!
Itís also a land where cowboys still reign, branding calves in the spring, ranging cattle and rounding Ďem up.
Hereís a new country with history    -   welcome to the Chilcotin !!!!!

Breathtaking views

The Dome, a volcanic plug, north of Riske Creek, offers magnificent views; east of Hanceville a lookout provides superb views of the Chilcotin River and Chilko Ranch.

Approximately 60 kms south of Hanceville is Taseko Lake; Taseko Peak at 10.000 ft dominates the view and donít forget the beautiful Nemiah Valley.  Southwest of Hanceville and 15 kms south of  Riske Creek the maintrail leads to a view of the Fraser River and the Chilcotin River; 5 kms further is the breathtaking Farwell Canyon.


If you are up at dawn you may see some wonderful sights: you may spot caribou, California bighorn sheep in Junction Sheep Range Park and along the Chilcotin and Fraser rivers. Other wildlife include black and grizzly bear, mountain goat, coyote, lynx, cougar, bobcat and odd herds of wild horses and tame bison.

Canoers have reported paddling with a cow moose on their boat-side and an eagle soaring above.

Lakes and rivers

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast has over 8000 clean, clear lakes, 11000 miles of cool rivers and streams.
In the Interlakes region over a 100 lakes are within an hourís drive of each other.

Coastal Mountains

The central Coast offers thousands of kilometers of magnificent awe-inspiring coastline scattered with coves, pristine beaches and wild rocky shows, top salt water fishing and seabird, whale and porpoise viewing.

Bowron Lake Park

Bowron Lake Park is world-knowned for itís canoeing. Here, 29 kms of Wells, you can set off on a beautiful canoe trip over a 120 kms circuit of lakes, rivers, streams and portages amidst an almost unspoiled wilderness.

Wells Gray Park

A remote and beautiful park with some accommodation and campgrounds, awesome scenery and.........where many bears roam throughout the park.......

Highlights are: incredible Helmcken Falls, Clearwater and Azur lakes. (boat trips available)


Evolved from Tom Hanceís 1860ís trading post, blacksmith shop and post office 26 miles west of Riske Creek on Highway 20. East of Hanceville a lookout provides superb views of the Chilcotin River and Chilko Ranch. 60 miles south of Hanceville is Taseko Peak. (10000 ft) This peak dominates the view.

Fish for Dolly Varden and Rainbow Trout and spot for moose, deer, mountain goat, wild sheep, cougar and grizzly.

Nemiah Valley

Southwest of Hanceville and protected by Tsíyl-os is beautiful Nemiah Valley, home of the Nemiah First Nations people. The valleyís west end opens to magnificent Chilko Lake.

Puntzi Lake / Chilanko Forks

For superb fishing stop at Puntzi Lake; in spring and summer American white pelicans feed in the lake, and trumpeter swans come from fall till freeze-up.

Tatla Lake

Is near the western edge of the Chilcotin plateau and is a helicopter tour access point for several wilderness destinations including Mt Waddington, the Coast Mountainsí highest peak at 13.175 feet.

Chilko Lake

Chilko Lake, the largest lake in the Coast Mountains is Canadaís highest major lake; in late summer and fall thousands of sockeye spawn in this lake.

Tatlayoko Lake

Southwest of Tatla, Tatlayoko Lake drains into the Pacific; south of it is the immense Homathko Icefield.

Anahim Lake

Gateway to the backcountry; Anahim Lake has great fishing, with the Upper Dean River fly-fishing.
North of the town are views of the Coast Mountains and Anahim Peak, a cone of volcanic rock.

Tweedsmuir Park

This great park spans 2.215.681 acres and features floral meadows, waterfalls, pristine lakes and rivers, glaciers, mountain peaks and lush forests.
From the valley a 10 mile-trail leads to Hunlen Falls, which drops 259 meters into the Atnarko River.